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Dedicated to the dissemination of artistic performances, live shows, screenings, conferences, exhibitions or monuments’ visits in streaming and in 6DoF, we let the audience meet in virtual reality and explore virtual universes while interacting with other people and 3D objects in real time. A teleportation portal
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Our mission is to democratize access to culture through immersive technologies thanks to our unique features and ideal location inside high-traffic social VR platforms, allowing mass audiences to easily step into their favorite events. In order to cater to the needs of each specific occasion, festival, or exhibition, the environment’s architecture, look and feel can swiftly be entirely to address any type of setup, scenario, or branding. Our virtual reality production process delivers great experiences to provide users with the highest level of immersion, interactivity and fun. infinite
This is just the beginning. XR technology is coming of age, and our platform is already working in 4G and conventional wifi. 5G will further enhance these experiences. The platform is accessible with most VR headsets, or directly via PC and laptops in video game mode. Demo Request
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Conception concept development design Founded by Louis Cacciuttolo, VRroom is also a media platform dedicated to VR and published in 3 languages. Former Vice-President of THX and former CEO of Ogilvy and Saatchi agencies in Asia, Louis is also the author, director and producer of VR short-film "The Last Footprint", nominated to Animaze festival and presented at Cannes Film Festival 2017. Design concept development design Our VR experts are specialized in the development of immersive solutions with applications in business and entertainment. They work with all VR equipment that is currently on the market and they may be consulted to find the best XR application for your business. Consulting Concept development design Our expert design team provide high-quality contents mixing creativity, Storytelling and Innovation making your event standing out from the crowd. we shape
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Slide MARCH 30, 2020 UNTIL YOUR CONFINEMENT ENDS Break Down These Walls Festival An event initiated by VRrOOm and Stereopsia in collaboration with Virtual Worlds to help the public cope with sanitary confinement by taking them to a social space where they will be able to meet other people, watch movies, explore art galleries, or dance together.
The festival will also happen simultaneously on the VRrOOm Social XR cultural hub @ VRChat and the VRrOOm XR Festivals app, offering the audience a program including one VR film and one 3D movie per day for the duration of the lockdown, enjoyable in 6DoF social XR via PC and PCVR (including Quest + Link) and/or in 3DoF on mobile VR and all types of headsets (excluding Quest).

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